Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Well, it's been forever since I've written. The library closes soon so I'll make it short.
Leaving Winnipeg I fought three days of killer head winds. I talked with one cyclists riding east who was breezing by at 35kph while I was struggling for 11kph. I guess the rumours I was warned of before I started really are true. One day I averaged 7mph-on the flats! Not much fun and it definitely was getting to my head.
A friend joined me for breakfast!


Canola fields everywhere
Mostly I've been traveling through agricultural land. Tons of canola, as well as wheat and hay. I can't say it's been too exciting. I did ride through Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba. It was nice, lots of bears, wetlands, lakes, forest. It even had a good hill off the mountain down into Dauphin.

Riding Mountain National Park
Reaching Dauphin, I discovered that my rear rim was toast. Two of the spokes were pulling out badly and it was no longer ok to ride. This would turn out to be a much longer ordeal then hoped. Fortunately, my mom had met Gary on the train who lived in town and offered me a place to stay. I stayed for a full week. I was stuck which was frustrating as this is the first time that's happened to me. Gary exceeded anything I could have hoped for in a host though. He took care of all my needs, picked me up a sturdy rim in Winnipeg, worked on my bike, cooked, etc. He has an incredible bluegrass selection and a sound system my brother Scott would approve of, so we listened to tons of great music! There is all sorts of issues with getting the new wheel which I won't bother with, I'm just glad I was able to get it and had such a warm place to wait around. I really can't thank Gary enough for all he did for me. Once again, I'm just blown away by people's generosity!

No good


IN Dauphin, I also had the pleasure to met two other cyclists in town. Brain does some kayak guiding and invited me to go out and tag along with a group he was taking out in the National Park. It was so nice to be in a kayak and a beautiful, peaceful evening.

Kayaking in Riding Mt National Park

Once I'd gotten my wheel and my bike was back in riding shape, I was antsy to ride again. Since I've been back I've put in very long days, riding 'till 9pm each night. It's been tiring, but feels good. I've had some nice quiet roads as well. I crossed into Saskatchewan and have had some more interesting terrain. A little more rolling hills and nice forests.

Another storm, coming into Prince Albert, overlooking the North Saskatchewan River

With all of these thunder storms, I've had many nice rainbows.
So, now I have another day of strong head winds, my legs are drained from the last few days of pushing, but I've made peace with the wind for the moment and have accepted the slow miles. Tomorrow or the next day I'll be in Alberta. It's nice to finally make progress again after so much downtime in July.

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