Thursday, April 1, 2010

Movin' North

A few days ago I rode out of Florida and now have started making my way (somewhat) north. The salt marshes were very scenic up the Georgia coast and wildlife refuges and nature preserves were everywhere.

Marshes in Georgia

This is what they have to do for fire lookouts in FL and GA. Makes me really appreciate Throp Mtn. Lookout.

I stopped for little walks in some of the preserves. They're overflowing with waterfowl and turtles! One of the areas I went had sandy areas that were full of little crabs, when I'd pass they'd all scatter into the grasses.

I cornered this one.

I then made it to Richmond Hill where I met up with my friend Dan and his family. It was pure luck that Dan and Carolyn were visiting from NYC that weekend. It was fun to see an old friend and catch up with each other. The Shafer's were fabulous hosts, a very lively bunch and fun to be around.

The Shafers + (Me, Dan, Carolyn, Jack, Linda, and Quacy)
Jack and Linda live in a beautiful community, on the Ford Plantation (Henry Ford's old plantation). I was able to take out a kayak and give my arms a little workout while searching for alligators. I probably saw ~20 around the lake. I'd either hear a huge splash as they slipped into the water or just see their eyes for a brief time before they went under. I'll admit it was a little nerve-wracking not knowing where they were around me.

This was a little guy, only ~4ft, and the only gator that let me get close for a decent picture.

Kayaking on the lake.

The Main House (where the Ford's lived), now it's used for gathering and such.
Leaving the Shafer's I rode into Savannah to see a bit of the city. I explored the historic district and riverfront areas, full of tourists but very nice. The squares Savannah is famous for are very pretty.


Next I crossed into South Carolina where I'm riding NW to get into the mountains. It's been really hot which has taken more out of me then I'm used to. The next week is supposed to be mid 80's as well, so hopefully I'll begin to adjust. After a month of riding in the flat, I've finally reached hills again here in SC. I'm enjoying the downhills but struggling to get my legs to climb again. The landscape is very forested, tons of timber land which makes for easy camping.

Colors in SC
I'm really looking forward to the mountains; the weather looks good, in the low 70's, so should be nice. Hopefully I'll be getting on my feet and doing a little hiking as well.


  1. Glad to see things are still going well. Jake and I have still not decided on our summer trip. We did decide that this is not the summer for Colorado - not enough time available!

    Good Luck!

  2. Posted on the wrong day before--oops.
    It was awesome meeting you today on the road between North Augusta and Edgefield SC. What a beautiful day to ride in the country. I was on the red Tri-bike. I was inspired by you all day. I am glad that I got up to ride today and headed in that direction. I will follow your progress.
    Live-Da-Dream & Enjoy the Ride.