Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring in Seattle

After a quick two days of running errands and visiting family in Seattle I'm taking off in a few hours to fly back to Memphis. I have to say, although I'm ready to get on the road again, it's sad to leave spring time. Seattle is so gorgeous in spring and it comes much earlier then I ever expect here. When I left Memphis, I hadn't seen any flowers or blooming trees, arriving in Seattle two weeks ago I was so happy to find daffodils and blossoms all over. Coming back after Vancouver it now seems near at peak spring here. The smells and colors are so refreshing! I'm hoping that I don't have to wait too long before I get into spring again.

Spring in the northwest.

With my bros; I think this is the first time my hair has been shorter then both of theirs!

In my running around town today, I stopped in at R & E Cycle (where I bought my bike) and got a new cassette and chain. After 6,400 miles, I was finally starting to have shifting issues and things are starting to wear out a little. I don't envision many great bike shops in Mississippi, so I wanted to take advantage of Seattle. As expected, the folks there were incredibly helpful. Without my bike present, I told them the issues I was having and they talked me through and showed me on other bikes how to change/fix it all. Seems simple, hopefully I won't have any problems, just need to find a few more tools.

I'll be spending an extra day in Memphis to take in a few of the sights, then it will be back on the road on Friday. The weather looks to be improving so I can't wait to get pedaling again!

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