Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ready to Sit

Not too much exciting these last few days, just thought I'd do one more quick post before I start sitting tomorrow.

Leaving Huntsville was dark and rainy, nothing exciting. The next day felt like I was trying to out race groups of dogs all day long. It was just one after another, more today then on the rest of my trip combined, ugh! One even chased a full mile. These were not your nice friendly, I want to run beside you dogs, they were mean. I was lucky they didn't actually attack.

The weather started to improve then, its gotten nice and warm but a bit windy. Yesterday I stopped at the Richland Creek Wildlife Management Area to see what it was about. Turned out they had camping there, so I decided to stop for the day to look around. It's an artificial wetland, so a little strange, and mainly constructed for hunters, but there weren't any out, so it was very pleasant. I was able to go for a nice walk surrounded by waterfowl as the sun was setting. The Game Warden saw me and asked if I had a permit, of course I didn't, but he was nice enough to let me stay the night and gave me his card in case I ran into any problems. I guess you're supposed to have a hunting license even to be in the area, oops.

Richland Creek, the thing on the left is the continuously running water keeping this place wet.

Another view

Today was hot and muggy with a frustrating west wind at the end of the day. Now I'm in Ennis, staying with a warmshowers family tonight, then off to Kaufman to sit for ten days. We'll see how my body takes to being sedentary for so long, I'm a little nervous about that aspect.
This little guy was in a bad spot this morning!

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  1. Hope your time at the meditation center was well spent. Let me know how it went. I may include some aspect of it in my class.

    Wishing you well from,

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