Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Working for the Forest Service, not much can beat fire in the ways of distraction, especially on district fire. For over a month we’ve been monitoring the Lemah Fire on our district. It stayed small ¼ to 1/2 acre for the first month. At the end of last week it blew up. Now it’s over 600 acres! I’ve been able to spend a number of days monitoring the fire and it’s been incredible to watch, especially the day it really grew. It’s been keeping me working on my days off; though I was forced to take this weekend off. Although next week is supposed to be my last at work, if this fire continues to burn I’m going to have a hard time leaving. It’s been a lot of fun, incredibly interesting, and such a great learning experience to spend time on this fire, I don’t know if I can just up and leave it. We’re supposed to get some rain this weekend, so that might cool things down considerably, we’ll just have to see. One thing I’ve learned with fire is that you can’t plan on anything.

So, with all the OT I’ve been doing and fire excitement, trip preparation has fallen to the wayside.However, one of the reasons I had to take these days off was to go to a bike repair tutoring session last night. Previously not knowing much more then how to change a flat, this was a valuable class and I feel much more comfortable with my bike. I’m hoping to continue playing with the bike, taking things apart and putting them back together before I leave. Maybe I’ll even get some riding in.

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