Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 4: Arrival in Oregon

Well, it's only day four, but everything has been going wonderfully so far. Besides the rain today I couldn't have asked for much better. My trip started off from Seattle with my parents and Felicia riding me to the ferry terminal, randomly met an old ski friend on the ferry, then was off riding. I felt great, the bike, though very heavy rode smoothly. Although I thought it would take two days to ride to Olympia, I put in 72 miles my first day to make it. Met up with a friend there so had a nice comfortable first night and great beginning to my trip.

From Olympia, I rode back roads all the next day. It was great to get away from the traffic and into the beautiful scenery. However, all this day and the next I was in Weyerhaeuser land, so lots of clear cuts as well. I did about eight miles of gravel road, had to push my bike for at least two which is incredibly hard work! Camped my first night, collapsed exhausted for an hour after getting the tent up, then awoke ravenous and ate all I could without water (ran out, have to get better about filling up every chance I get).

The next day I made it to Hwy 101 where I'll be for a long time. This was the beginning of longer up and down hills, slow but felt pretty good. Stayed a few miles from the OR boarder last night then rode in this morning.

Just as I approached the Astoria Bridge to cross over, the rain started. I spent a few minutes staring the bridge down, debating whether to attempt to ride or try to hitchhike. For whatever reason, I decided to ride. I'd read accounts of this bridge, people saying it was the scariest thing they've ever done in their lives, so I tired to sprint across. Of course that didn't last long, but I tried to go as fast as I could anyway. The bridge is long, it was pouring, I couldn't see very far in front of me and the shoulder was very narrow. However, it wasn't too bad until the last section that climbs steeply for what seemed like a mile. Luckily, I made it without any incident and didn't even have any logging trucks pass me.

I'm in Seaside right now, found the library to try and dry out a little. The weather is supposed to improve, so I'm hopeful that I'll have some nice days on the Oregon coast to explore. All in all, everything has gone without a hitch. though my legs are tried, they are way better then expected. The only thing that's been hurting is my feet, which was not anticipated.

Well, the rain has stopped for the moment so it might be time to hit the road again. Sorry no pictures this time, I'll try for the next post.

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