Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 10: Oregon Coast

Well, made it to day ten and almost out of Oregon. I'm in Gold Beach at the moment and debating whether to ride into California today or tomorrow. I was hoping to put up a bunch of pictures today, but I was told I can't plug anything in at this library, so sorry, someday I'll get pictures up.

The Oregon coast has been fantastic. After that first day of rain, the weather has been incredible, even too hot yesterday. The beaches are gorgeous, I love riding along making a turn and BAM having a huge beach right there. The hills haven't been too bad yet, hopefully getting me in shape for CA where I'm told the climbs are much worse.

One of the best parts of Oregon is just how many other tourers there are out here. I've stayed in State Parks every other night for the cheap shower and good company, and each time there's been near a dozen other riders at the hiker/biker camps. I've camped with a few people multiple times and see others on the rode frequently. There's quite a variety of folks, all types and ages from all over the world. Some are real characters and a little odd, others are just fantastic. Last night as I was starting to look for a spot to pull off I heard my name called from the woods; Dawn and Gene a couple riding a tandem from Canada to Mexico invited me to join them in their "wild" camping spot. It was a great little spot and wonderful company. I hope to stay with them at their home in Phoenix later on.

Other then having great rides everyday I haven't done too much else I guess. I took a tour of the Tillimook Factory, had some great beach walks and tide pool explorations, enjoyed botanical gardens, and even took a short day of riding to get on a small hike. I'm feeling my hiking muscles quickly atrophying and hope to get out every few days to keep them up a little.

I'm very excited to get into the Redwoods. I'll be talking a day or two off there to enjoy and explore.

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