Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Plan

Sometime in June, I decided that after nearly a whole year and a half of being sedentary and working it was time for an adventure. I've wanted to explore the country for some time now, so it made sense to me to do it now on a bike. The plan is to take a year and bike around North America. Besides the initial push south to escape winter, I'll be taking my time, hopefully doing a bunch of hiking, WWOOFing, and just seeing where the road and people take me. I figure I'll ride until I'm broke, miserable, or just ready to move on.

Having never toured before, I've had to gather lots of gear. I picked up my touring bike yesterday! It's absolutely gorgeous and will take good care of me on my ride. It's amazing to finally have a bike that can climb. I love it!

Training for this ride has been pretty nonexistent. I've been working too much to have any days off, so my riding has been very minimal. I'm trying to get in the few days I can before leaving, but I'm sure dreading those first few days of the ridel. My last day of work is September 7th, then it's back to Seattle to finalize preparations and say goodbye. I'm planning to leave sometime in the second week of September.

I'll be camping most days, but am also looking for people to stay with along the way. If you'll be around my tentative route (see pic) or know people willing to let me crash on the floor or pitch my tent in their yard let me know!

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  1. Hi Robin, I found your blog thru reading John Harwood's blog, Cycling to Australia (and beyond). I just finished reading about his journey from beginning to end, so now I want to read about your adventure. Can't wait! ~~Erma "Flame" Humphries